Custom Switches and Keypads

Custom Switches and Keypads

Custom Keypad, Custom HMI Interface, Custom Keyboard, Retrofit Keypads, Custom Bezel Keypads

EverSwitch is the market leader in customized solutions development. Based  on Piezo Electric Technology.  A good intuitive HMI makes users love your product, and an EverSwitch keypad is the tool that makes it durable, safe and secure.  With EverSwitch Touch Metal piezo technology, we can create the keypad you trust and that your customers love.

We offer an incredible array of keypad customization, very cost-effectively, in small production runs, for every environment.  Piezo technology is of particular interest for projects needing the lowest energy consumption; unlike other conventional keypads, no power is required for switch activation.

Beyond the environmental advantages of using hyper-rugged Touch Metal technology, EverSwitch can provide seamless integration to the rest of your system architecture, both mechanically and electronically.  Keypads range from miniature 2 key drop-in styles to full QWERTY keyboards with any number of other system and software functionality included and sealed behind one continuous front panel of metal, glass or polycarbonate.  Electronically, our patented EverSwitch technology provides the most robust switch signal routed to a microcontroller that contains all needed application software, as well as any desired interface protocols, completely eliminating the need for ASIC’s and their associated cost and complications.  We offer true plug and play technology that is open-ended to fully comply with any of your current and future functional requirements.

Like all EverSwitch products, our keypads and keyboards meet or exceed IP-68 and IP-69K standards and are adapted for the harshest environmental conditions.   Products are 100% tested for heat/cold conditions at -40 and +85C prior to shipment. Products have been certified for use in Class 1/ Div 1 Explosion Proof applications as well as UL, FM, ATEX and applicable IEC requirements.

Keypad and keyboard outputs range from the simplest form of COMMON-BUS or Matrix outputs as well as USB, I2C, U-ART, ASCii, CAN, Wiegand, RS-232, RS-485, PS2 and customer specific communication protocols. Any display technology can be easily integrated, as well as encryption (DES-5 or similar), proximity, RFID, biometric, or other customer-specific electronics.  Self-diagnostic capability with audit trail is also able to be incorporated as well as complex software and self-learning features.

Design options include:

Housing material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel (milled or sheet metal) Glass, Polycarbonate  or plastic

Outputs:             USB, Matrix, ASCII, U-ART, I2C, CAN Wiegand, RS-232, RS-485 etc.

IoT Connectivity:   Wired, WIFI, Self-diagnostic and Self-Learning

Display:               LCD, LED, VFD, TFT (we are often used in bezel applications)

Feedback:          Buzzers, LED Ring or Point Illumination, Haptic and Tactile

Graphics:            Custom legend and colors, Anodized, Laser Etched, backlit

Key Spacing:      19mm CtC, as small as 11.5mm possible.

Shape:                 Square, Round, Bezel, non-parallel, curved or flat

Electrical:           From 24V and 200mA to 277V and 30A possible

Connection:       Any desired output connector or cable/harness

EverSwitch specializes in the production of keypads and keyboards according to our customers’ demands and requirements.  Our engineering and design team is here to support your project in every way possible with timely responses and prototyping.  We have worked on retrofit panel re-designs for systems that needed just four keypads, as well as luxury white appliance designs behind Stainless Steel sheet metal needing tens of thousands annually.  

You will imagine it; we can build it, and build it to succeed in the most challenging operating conditions.

Standard switches and keypads are usable to depths of 3000 feet if sealed/mated correctly to watertight housings.  All of our products are milled from solid metal housings and completely sealed with a proprietary potting compound that is proven effective for 25 years in every environmental condition.  Switches and keypads are touch activated (even with neoprene diving gloves) and have no moving parts where water or sand could penetrate.  Our switches can also provide an array of different functions beyond a simple momentary switch closure:  toggle, continuous, programmable and slide switch functions can be incorporated as well.  Our ability to offer products in Aluminum, Type 316 STS or polycarbonate allows us to meet every environmental challenge.

Our products can be use on these applications:

Underwater Metal Detection Equipment Customized Oceanographic Systems, Naval Targeting/Marking Buoys, and Wave Energy Generating Systems, Marine GPS, and Fishery Scales on North Sea Fishing Vessels.

EverSwitch Keypad can work on IP-69K rated for wash down, readily integrates with existing security systems, Dependable, time proven keypad technology, high-abuse areas

Cost-effective with five year warranty.


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EVERSWITCHTM Technology – Comprehensive range of piezoelectric switches, keypads and integrated

The EVERSWITCH family of products are commonly used in extreme conditions that allows realization of unmatched performance,

ESD free: electronics are isolated within housing,

UV protection

Keypads utilizing one-piece milled housings for ultimate long life expectancy

Housing options range from anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, polycarbonate and other plastics.

Control panels can be made of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or polycarbonate materials

Tested to 50,000,000 activations

Operating temperatures   – 20°C  to  + 75°C

Harsh environments, hazardous locations, Intrinsically Safe, Vandal proof

Operator can wear gloves & still actuate the device.

Compatible to any PLC or relay.

Engineering and manufacturing processes are done in house.

Unique design

Five (5) year performance guarantee.

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