Custom Switches and Keypads

Custom Switches and Keypads

EVERSWITCH Touch Metal switch technology allows for an incredible array of keypad customization, very cost-effectively, in small production runs.   Beyond the environmental advantages of using hyper-rugged Touch Metal technology, WE can provide seamless integration to your system. We can offer any output protocol, such as USB, ASCII, PS2, Matrix, Common Bus, Wiegand, or built-in microchips to communicate directly with your equipment

Another advantage is that our metal panel can act as the complete, solid front panel to house your system.  Our Touch Metal technology allows for your user interface to be one piece:  impervious to the environment and vandalism.

  • As the inventor of the EVERSWITCH Touch Metal technology.

  • All our products are designed for touch.

  • All our products are made of Metal, STS, Aluminum and Plastic, and come in a wide variety of configurations and functions.

  • EVERSWITCH has been a pioneer in PIEZO metal user-interface controls.

  • EVERSWITCH is a leading global supplier of metal touch enabled technology.

  • With broad technical backgrounds, our engineering team will work with you to design and customized EVERSWITCH product to meet your exact requirements.


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EVERSWITCHTM Technology – Comprehensive range of piezoelectric switches, keypads and integrated

The EVERSWITCH family of products are commonly used in extreme conditions that allows realization of unmatched performance,

ESD free: electronics are isolated within housing,

UV protection

Keypads utilizing one-piece milled housings for ultimate long life expectancy

Housing options range from anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, polycarbonate and other plastics.

Control panels can be made of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or polycarbonate materials

Tested to 50,000,000 activations

Operating temperatures   – 20°C  to  + 75°C

Harsh environments, hazardous locations, Intrinsically Safe, Vandal proof

Operator can wear gloves & still actuate the device.

Compatible to any PLC or relay.

Engineering and manufacturing processes are done in house.

Unique design

Five (5) year performance guarantee.

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