Touch Metal Switches



Special Function


Barantec’s EVERSWITCH Touch Metal switches help to resolve difficult HMI issues across the toughest environmental conditions.  With no moving parts, our products excel in high use, high-abuse areas and are impervious to weather and temperature extremes and provide the following advantages:

  • Proven reliability:  tested for 50 million cycles
  • One piece, milled metal housings
  • Zero power required for switch operation
  • Completely weather proof:  snow, rain, ice, dirt are no problem
  • Used outdoors from Alaska to Saudi Arabia
  • Eliminates EMI, RFI or ESD issues
  • Qualified in Class 1 Div 1 hazardous and IP69K washdown areas
  • Momentary, toggle, continuous, prolonged, programmable, slide types available
  • 24V 0.2A standard, up to 120V 10A possible.
  • Activated by human touch, gloved hands or any type of tool