Customized Switches

Barantec’s EVERSWITCH Touch Metal switch technology allows for infinite design customization, very cost-effectively, in small production runs.   We are happy to design and build switches to meet your exact system requirements.  Please give us a call to discuss your specific project needs or email with basic details.



Thru Hole Diameter From 12.5mm up to 40mm (0.5 to 1.6 inches)
Switch Face From 18mm up to 125mm (0.7 to 5.0 inches)
Switch Height Low profile starting a 9mm up to 55mm to fit through
Alignment D flats or slots recommended for switches with graphics
Threads Typically suppied with Metric threads. UNC and NPT types available
Voltage 0-24VAC/DC standard, up to 120V possible
Current 0.2A standard, up to 10A possible
Switch Function N.O., Momentary standard.  Prolonged, continuous, toggle, programmable also
Wires Any length needed, from  16 to 26 gauge, stripped, tinned, bulleted, etc. (Wire gauge sized to load requirements.)
Pins ‘FastOn’ on Tab types or 1mm diameter pins
Cable LIYY type typical, but will supply any prefered type
Terminal Block Please tell us your preference
Connectors Many Molex types used regularly, will provide any preferred type
Nuts All switches are provided with Nickel plated Brass mating nuts.
We can provide with STS nuts, lock washers, gaskets per request.
O-Rings Available with any switch, NBR60 typically, others available.
Please advise if an undercut for the O-ring is needed.
PEM Studs Large diameter switches can be provided with 2 to 6 mounting  studs for front panel mounting.
Flush Mount Switch body can be provided threaded to screw in flush to panel front.
Anodized Graphics Six basic colors avaialble, please advise text or symbol desired
Laser Etched Aluminum switches can be laser etched resulting in white legend
Stainless Steel switches result in dark gray legend
Engraved/Backfilled Stainless types only
Embossed Raised graphics stamped for ADA compliant legend
UV Protection Special anodized treatment for extended color retention in sun.
Labeling Please advise bar code or part numbering requirements
Boxing Typically packed in trays — but can be packed individually or grouped.