Piezo Switches

The EVERSWITCH Piezo switch is an electrical switch based on the piezoelectric effect.

Barantec Inc. utilizes the direct Piezo effect in its patented Piezo Technology.

The charge generated by the piezoelectric element in the switch is typically used to turn on an integrated semiconductor device such as a field effect transistor (FET), causing the switch assembly’s output to be active, or “on” ( Closed). When the FET is on, current can flow through it as with a conventional dry contact switch. After the voltage pulse is dissipated in the gate resistor, the FET turns back “off” (Open), to its normal high impedance state. The piezoelectric effect uses the fact that force applied to certain materials causes stresses that generate this electric charge. In the case of Piezo switches, the force could be compressive pressure that causes the (typically ceramic disc Piezo element to bend very slightly like a drumhead.
Thus Piezo switches produce a single, brief “on” pulse ( Momentary) . This pulse can vary with the amount of pressure which is applied, since higher pressures generate higher voltages which take longer to dissipate. A capacitor is used to store the charge in order to lengthen the time constant of the gate circuit and therefore the width of the pulse. With additional circuitry this pulse can be extended further or used to change the state of an output from steady “Off” to steady “On” by toggling a flip-flop.

Barantec has developed various function switch and chip based switches that provide any required function, N.O, N.O Timer switch. Prolonged signal ( Continuous), toggle, at a voltage range from 24V to 600V and current of0.2A to 30A