Parking Meters

Parking Meters


  • Market: Parking
  • Application: Parking Meters and Pay by Space Kiosks
  • Products: Alpha Numeric Keypads
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The Problem:

Parking meters are sold as sources of revenue for cities both large and small.  Although the systems typically pay for themselves over time, price of initial system is a major concern for municipal parking authorities and operators.  Parking equipment manufacturers need to compete and offer the best technology to withstand weather and vandalism, incorporate the latest payment systems and offer lasting, trouble free service once installed.  Conventional keypad and touch screen technologies are hard-pressed to operate reliably under these conditions.

The Solution:

Our EVERSWITCH keypads and switches excel in outdoor equipment and are completely weather proof and withstand attempts at vandalism far better than normal switch and touchscreen technologies.  Our switch technology is modular for rapid customization and keypads can include built-in USB or PS2 output for seamless integration to the rest of your system.  And added advantage is that our switch components produce no RFI or EMI interference and are not susceptible to ESD damage.

Derived Benefits:

Zero power required for switch/keypad operation saves on power consumption in solar powered systems
Hyper-ruggedized construction that can integrate USB interface as well
Unprecedented reliability results in significant savings on service costs

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