Outdoor Kiosks

Outdoor Kiosks

  • Market: Outdoor Kiosk
  • Application: Bike Share Systems
  • Products: Switches and Custom Keypads
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The Problem:

Every outdoor kiosk has to withstand the dual threats of weather and vandalism.  The most advanced Bike Share systems allow for usage by members and tourists alike and therefore need a kiosk plus each bike dock needs a locking interface usable by first time patrons.  Bike share systems are used in cold weather as well tropics and, unfortunately, seem to be especially targeted by vandals.

The Solution:

Barantec’s products are unsurpassed in their ability to withstand brutal weather conditions from Alaskan blizzards to Caribbean hurricanes.  Our products are rated from -40 to +256F and with touch activated, solid metal surfaces, are impervious to rain, snow, sleet, freezing, humidity, sand, dirt, grime and dust.  With no moving parts, vandals are thwarted in trying to damage systems using EVERSWITCH switches or keypads.  And added advantage of our Touch Metal technology is that it is usable with gloves (unlike capacitive switches and touch screens).

Derived Benefits:

Zero power required for switch operation reduces kiosk energy consumption
Significantly reduced service and maintenance costs
Unprecedented design options – keypad is actually trapezoidal shape.

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