Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

  • Market: Oil and Gas Production
  • Application: Valve Test Controls in Unmanned Locations
  • Products: Hex Head Switch with NPT Thread in 316 Stainless Steel Housing
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The Problem:

Along pipe lines in remote locations, valves and metering equipment need to be periodically tested for functionality and safety.   Conventional switches were challenged due to harsh conditions and extreme environments and the fact that they were operated so infrequently.  Any problem with a remote test can disrupt ongoing operations and may present a safety hazard and a hyper-ruggedized solution was needed.

The Solution:

Barantec’s EVERSWITCH touch metal switches have no moving parts to wear out, or conversely, to lock-up due to infrequent use.  This particular application called for a switch to be screwed into the housing with an NPT tapered thread and a hex head to assure that the switch is held tightly in the housing to meet ATEX and UL Hazardous Location requirements.  Our switch technology is one of the safest available as all the electronics are completely sealed within a one piece milled housing that is completely filled with epoxy potting (not just conformal coated).

Derived Benefits:

Reliability and durability will ensure function in any environment
Operational in all weather extremes
Passes stringent Hazardous Location requirements for safety
No power required for switch operation

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