Mining Blast Controls

Mining Blast Controls

  • Market: Mining
  • Application:Blast Control Systems
  • Products: Momentary or Prolonged Switches
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The Problem:

Remote control devices for controlled explosions in mining applications have to go beyond normal heavy-duty ratings.  They are subjected to all weather conditions, debris, muck and shock waves and must be rated to perform safely in Hazardous Locations.  Conventional booted switches and toggles cannot stand up to repeated exposure to these very difficult operating conditions.

The Solution:

Barantec supplies sets of switches for integration into custom blast panels or special low profile switches to retrofit into existing handheld remote controls where booted switches have failed.  Our solid state piezo switch modules are completely potted and therefore cushioned and isolated within a one piece, milled metal housing from the shock and vibration of explosions.  They are impervious to mud, grime, dust, debris and have been rated for use in the most challenging ExProof environments.

Derived Benefits:

Dependable, time proven switch technology with 50 Million activation rating
Withstands weather extremes from tropical to Arctic
Readily customizable for retrofit into existing systems
Passes UL, ATEX, CEL and FM requirements for Hazardous Locations

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