Luxury Appliances

Luxury Appliances

  • Market: High End White Appliances
  • Application: User Interface for Ovens, Dishwashers and Microwaves
  • Products: “KeyBox” activated through Stainless Steel Sheet Metal
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The Problem:

The user interface on the majority of US white appliances have grown in functional complexity while the keypad technology itself has remained unchanged, unimaginative and all too fragile to keep consumers satisfied.  Luxury appliance manufacturers need an interface technology to differentiate themselves from competitors that is ultra-reliable and easy to clean.  The use of Stainless Steel has become predominant throughout the appliance industry and finding a keypad technology to work behind Stainless Steel has become an essential design criteria.

The Solution:

Barantec’s Touch Metal technology incorporates a modular “KeyBox” that contains any number of piezo switch elements, control software, sensors, etc., and can be mechanically attached to a continuous sheet of Stainless Steel providing the utmost in design flexibility and an vast improvement in the strength of the user interface compared to conventional appliance controls.  The “KeyBox” is completely potted (not just conformal coated) and can withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures and humidity levels. Integrated microchips enable complex circuitry to be housed within the “KeyBox” and protected from heat and humidity as well.   With a one piece front panel, the Stainless Steel surface simplifies cleaning and leaves no place for grease or germs to collect

Derived Benefits:

Elegant design using seamless Stainless Steel panels

Ultimate in switch reliability with 50 Million activation rating

Integration with system electronics is seamless

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