Labs/Clean Room

Labs/Clean Room

  • Market: Pharmaceutical and Research Labs
  • Application: Keyboards for Use In Controlled Substance Environments and Aseptic Clean Rooms
  • Products: Full QWERTY Keyboards with USB or PS2 Output
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The Problem:

Beyond needing keyboards to be sterilizable for pharmaceutical clean room use, another lesser known issue is handling procedures for Controlled Substance environments.   Compliance with regulations require that there be no nooks or crannies where a controlled substance could be hidden or “lost”.  Concerns are theft of sensitive drugs or chemicals at product development stage and control of narcotic type substances that need to have documented records at each stage of processing.

The Solution:

Barantec supplies full QWERTY keyboards in several configurations and with built-in pointing devices milled from a single Aluminum block (10mm thick) with no moving parts.  The surface of the keyboard is completely smooth and tamper-proof so that no controlled substances can be accidentally lost or intentionally hidden between keys or under plastic covers.  The graphics are part of the anodization layer for extreme durability of the legend in a clean room environment.

Derived Benefits:

Compliance with extremely thorough auditing of Controlled Substances
Extreme durability: install and forget
Customizable for each installation
Usable in Hazardous Environments as well

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