Hazardous Locations

Hazardous Locations

  • Market: Hazardous Environments
  • Application: Controller for Mixing and Distribution of Petroleum Based Products
  • Product: 5×4 Custom Keypad with Matrix Output
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The Problem:

Petroleum refineries, tank farms and oil production sites all require meters, controls and distribution systems onsite, outdoors, in hazardous and often in very remote locations.  All systems have to be built with the ultimate specifications for strength and durability in every climate extreme.  Electronics must provide extreme reliability and operate safely and be rated as explosion proof.   This particular metering system is used in both stationary and vehicle applications (on tanker trucks) and survives the rigors of worst case road conditions.

The Solution:

Barantec’s EVERSWITCH technology is inherently safe for use in hazardous and explosion proof environments.  All of the switch electronics are completed encapsulated in proprietary epoxy potting compound (not simply conformal coated) and are time proven in the field, operational for over 25 years.  In this specific case, our 4×5 keypad is provided to an extremely tight flatness spec to provide flame path sealing to qualify the product to UL, CUL, Cenelec, ATEX and FM standards for use in the most extreme of hazardous environments.

Derived Benefits:

Proven switch reliability with 50 Million activation rating and 25 years in the field.
Withstands weather extremes from Saudi Arabia to Alaska, sleet to dust storms.
Completely encapsulated for use in hazardous locations

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