Fuel Dispensing

Fuel Dispensing

  • Market: Fuel Dispensing
  • Application: Fleet Systems in Remote Locations
  • Products: 4×5 Keypad with Laser Etched Graphics
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The Problem:

Large commercial fleets, with routes in remote locations, cannot depend on retail fueling stations to be located on route and open when their needs dictate.  Therefore, they establish their own special access fuel depots for exclusive use by their trucking affiliates.  Systems are outdoors, typically unsheltered, and almost always unmanned.  The keypads need to handle driver ID and reporting information to grant access and only then to allow fueling.  Commercial gas pumps typically use very inexpensive membrane keypads that are not dependable in all weather conditions and have a much lesser lifetime rating.  These fueling stations have to be 100% dependable or trucks and cargo loads can be stranded causing safety, loss and scheduling concerns.

The Solution:

Working with fleet servicing companies, Barantec has developed several keypads for use in remote locations and in all weather extremes.  Keypads stand up to operation with gloved hands or keys or even screw drivers.  We have access control keypads in the field, in continuous use, for over 20 years that survive in all weather conditions with zero down time.

Derived Benefits:

Dependable, time proven switch technology with 50 Million activation rating
Withstands weather extremes from tropical to artic;  flood, sleet or dust storms.
Zero power required for switch operation saves on power consumption
Significantly reduces maintenance and service costs

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