Food Processing

Food Processing

  • Market: Food Industry
  • Application: Food Processing Equipment
  • Products: Piezo Switches
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The Problem:

Compliance to cleaning and sanitation regulations are increasingly critical with the advent of new FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) requirements. These regulations are now effecting an even broader range food producers, processors and purveyors.  Control panels and switches on processing equipment are notoriously difficult to Clean-In-Place (CIP).  If they are not cleaned thoroughly enough, they may harbor pathogens.  If switch controls are cleaned too strenuously, they fail electronically and require regular replacement.

The Solution:

Barantec’s EVERSWITCH switches are available in three grades of Stainless Steel (303, 304 or 316) and are milled from solid bar stock.  With no moving parts and no crevices, our non-illuminated switches exceed all requirements for washdown with chemicals, harsh detergents, steam and hot water at pressures up to 100Bar.   Our switches, keypads and keyboards are time proven as retrofits into fish, poultry, meat and dairy processing lines where conventional food grade panel switches were being replaced as frequently as every weekend.  The savings in cost (our switches have no need to ever be replaced) and in production downtime are significant.

Derived Benefits:

Unprecedented reliability and long lasting switch – rated for 50 Million activations
100% sealed exceeds IP68 and IP69K requirements – actually submersible to 1000 feet
Indoor and outdoor operation from -40 to +125C
Significant savings on service costs and downtime
Versatile design allows easy customization or retrofit

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