Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency Call Boxes

  • Market: Emergency Call Boxes
  • Application: Help and Info Buttons on Emergency Call Boxes
  • Products: Self Diagnosing Switch
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The Problem:

University campuses, large parking facilities, subway systems and stadiums are often required to install a system of Emergency Call Boxes, typically outdoors, unsheltered, used to call for help or information by students or pedestrians 24/7/365.  It is imperative that the systems are in 100% working order, but they can also be a target of vandalism, and they are subjected to all types of weather.  Facility operators were tasked with ensuring that systems were working by testing all boxes once a day, which was very costly, and not always performed diligently.

The Solution:

Beyond exceeding all environmental and reliability specifications, Barantec designed a self diagnosing switch that continuously reports to the system server every 20 seconds to assure that the switch is functional and not vandalized.  Each switch contains a programmed chip to respond to queries from the system and send an error message if there is an issue.   Also available are continuous function and momentary switches, diameter, with graphics and recessed to avoid accidental activation.  We offer embossed switches for ADA compliance as well.

Derived Benefits:

Proven switch reliability with 50 Million activation rating and 25 years in the field.
Withstands weather extremes from Saudi Arabia to Alaska, sleet to dust storms.
Zero power required for switch operation saves on power consumption

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