Dairy Equipment

Dairy Equipment

  • Market: Dairy Equipment
  • Application: Milking Controls
  • Products: Stainless Steel Pushbutton
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The Problem:

The environmental conditions that electronic controls are subject to in the dairy environment exceed those of some military applications.  Equipment can be subject to very rapid temperature fluctuations due to high temperature washdown after each time the herd is milked.  Switches tend to be operated with gloved hands, need to work reliably, and need to perform beyond IP69K washdown requirements.

The Solution:

Barantec offers a range of Stainless Steel pushbutton switches, both illuminated and non-illuminated, designed into OEM equipment or as retrofits within existing systems.  Our products actually exceed IP69K washdown requirements; our switches are actually submersible and functional underwater, for extended lengths of time.  With proper sealing to a control panel, our EVERSWITCH metal touch technology provides the greatest degree of strength and reliability in one of the most challenging environments for electronics.

Derived Benefits:

Rated for use from -40 to +125 deg C
Decreased downtime and service costs – especially important in remote locations
Offer switches that are hand or foot controlled
Readily customizable for size, graphics, mounting, illumination, etc.

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