Correctional Facilities

Correctional Facilities

  • Market: Correctional Facilities
  • Application: In Cell Emergency Call Switch in Federal Maximum Security Prisons
  • Products: 6”x 8” Stainless Steel Panel with Integrated Call Switch
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The Problem:

In cell equipment must provide the highest degree of protection against vandalism and abuse.  All equipment and fixtures in inmate cells are vulnerable and may be destroyed by inmates or turned into a dangerous weapon.  Over the years, prisons had be replacing the Emergency Call switches that are built into the block wall with larger and larger switch housings that continued to be vandalized and needed constant replacement.  It was no longer just a single gang size hole in the block wall; it had grown to a 4×6” cavity that needed to be securely covered and provide an ultra-reliable guard call switch that would not be vandalized.

The Solution:

Barantec created a one piece Stainless Steel panel measuring 6”x8” to securely cover the large hole in the cell wall.  Our EVERSWITCH Touch Metal switch element is secured on the backside of the Steel panel and is operational through the panel itself.  No thru-hole was cut to weaken the Stainless Steel or to leave an opening that could be exploited to hide contraband materials.  The switch element is located in the center of the panel, but has the added advantage of providing a much larger active area due to the sensitive nature of the piezo element to respond to activations in a 4×4” area around the switch.

Derived Benefits:

Unprecedented reliability  and long lasting switch
Significant savings on service/maintenance costs
Improved emergency response time  and inmate/guard safety

Other Related Applications:

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Access Control Keypads –  no moving parts to be vandalized
Plumbing Controls – shower and lavatory switches with built-in timers
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