Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial Kitchen Appliances

  • Market: Commercial Kitchen Appliances
  • Application: Dispensing Equipment in Fast Food Restaurants
  • Products: Custom Keypad 1X5
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The Problem:

Throughput is of the essence in fast food restaurants:  customers will not be back if it takes too long to get served.  Therefore beverage dispensing equipment has to be extremely reliable all day long … but especially at peak hours.  Besides durability, a prime concern for fast food restaurants is clean-ability of surfaces that are used repeatedly during long store hours.  Health inspectors zero in on pushbutton and keypad surfaces for contamination making it extremely important to have a keypad that does not harbor bacteria.

The Solution:

Barantec’s EVERSWITCH solid surface switches and keypads offer the highest activation rate (50 million cycles) of any input technology.  In Aluminum, Stainless or Polycarbonate, the surface is easy to clean and has no moving parts to gum up with grease or food residue.  Unlike commonly used membrane keypads, our touch technology stands up to operators using pens, chopsticks, keys, etc to activate the equipment.

Derived Benefits:

Incredibly reliable for years of trouble free operation
Decreased down time and service costs
Simple to clean

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