• Market: Airport Ground Support Equipment
  • Application: Belt Loading Equipment, Scissor Jack Trucks
  • Products: Continuous Function Switches
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The Problem:

Unappreciated by the everyday airline passenger, the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) that service planes between flights operate on tightly orchestrated schedules.  There is not a moment to lose in turning a plane back out to the runway and there are now penalties involved for passenger flight delays.  The GSE loading equipment that get planes refueled, cleaned, re-stocked, de-iced and loaded with luggage has to function reliably all the time, in all weather conditions, on time.   Conventional switches rated for all-weather conditions are expensive and typically have moving parts that allow moisture, and possibly ice to form, that can cause switch failure … and any failure on GSE machinery can cause delays in departure schedules.

The Solution:

Barantec’s EVERSWITCH technology encapsulates switches in solid metal housings that are impervious to weather and temperature extremes.  We offer continuous function switches to press an hold to position scissor jack trucks precisely and gently up to the plane doorways.  Switches can be customized with thicker gauge wires, special graphics and higher amperage ratings to retrofit into existing airport equipment.  We work with new equipment manufacturer’s as well as airlines for retrofit purposes.

Derived Benefits:

Operational from -40 to +125 deg C
Reduced downtime and service costs
Impervious to weather, salt spray, hydraulic fluid, de-icing chemicals
Operational in hazardous locations (for re-fueling applications)

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